Pub Etiquette

Whenever you walk in an English Pub, you ought to know that they too have an unwritten set of rules, called “Pub Etiquette”.

Be Polite –
Bar tenders and other staff members would appreciate a little politeness from customers, just as much as customers would appreciate the same from them. In case you are not happy with the service and the Bar staff isn’t as nice as they should be, stay calm. Then ask for the manager. Tell them about your observation and your feedback. This complaint will only be escalated to the owner once manager can’t handle your concern properly. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the Pubs’ Service, you may let them know as well so they can keep it up next time you visit.

Giving Tips
Giving tips was a customary way of offering a drink to the pub staff, while buying yourself a round. However, this has changed since pub staffs are no longer allowed to drink while on duty. So giving tips is not expected, nor mandatory to customers.
• Bar Service – If you simply ordered drinks or simple food and it was just delivered to your table, then you may either tell them to keep the change (if there is any change), or give them an amount equivalent to the cost of the drink, usually £1 -£3.
• Restaurant Service – 10% of the actual bill would be a safe way to go.

Count Your Change
The only place you can do this is right after your change has been given to you. It would hard to prove that they didn’t give you the right amount of change once you have left the bar.

Your Personal Belongings
Though this is a safe place, it is still better to take extra precaution and look after your personal belongings. Stay in control and do not be careless as to leave your things just about anywhere. Do not give an idea of how much you have in your wallet to people around you, just to be sure.

More and more places are implementing a ‘no smoking in public places’ rule. So, if you’re a smoker, you have to go out of the pub to smoke. Be considerate too of people next to you. Once you’re done smoking, do not drop your cigarette butts on the ground. You need to fully extinguish the cigarette before you throw it in the litter box to avoid starting fire.

Using the Toilets
Pubs have toilets and if you happen to just pass by the pub, not really intending to have a drink, You can at least ask the bar staff if you can use their toilet. If their toilets are strictly ‘just for customers’ then you would need to buy something. Cheers!